Creative Spark Design is a Detroit Metro based graphic design and branding company specializing in web, print, identity, and logo design, as well as brand strategy and management. Through a combination of vast industry experience and our strategic creative process, we partner with you to become YOUR branding experts. With this approach, we will effectively elevate your brand above the competition while creating an outstanding customer experience, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

How to Communicate What You Want

How to Clearly Communicate What You Want (and Get It!)

One of the exercises in our three-point brand strategy process involves asking our clients to send examples of websites they like. More importantly, we ask them to share with us what specifically they like about the sites they send. This helps us better understand their style preferences, as well as what functionality and aesthetics they’re

Ideal Customer Marketing

How to be a Genius Marketer With No Training and Zero Investment

Do you want your clients and customers to feel like you’re reading their minds? Do you want to eliminate any hesitation in prospects hiring you or purchasing your products? Do you want to have leads pouring onto your site, signing up for your list and waiting in line for your next launch? You May be

Importance of Valuing Branding

Are You Undermining Your Business Success by Undervaluing Branding?

You’re on a mission to get your product or service out to the world, and in order to do that, it’s important that you understand and truly value branding. Creating a strong brand is one of the most essential steps in the process of building a successful, high-impact business. Branding shapes your customer’s perception and