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How to Communicate What You Want

How to Clearly Communicate What You Want (and Get It!)

One of the exercises in our three-point brand strategy process involves asking our clients to send examples of websites they like. More importantly, we ask them to share with us what specifically they like about the sites they send. This helps us better understand their style preferences, as well as what functionality and aesthetics they’re

Ideal Customer Marketing

How to be a Genius Marketer With No Training and Zero Investment

Do you want your clients and customers to feel like you’re reading their minds? Do you want to eliminate any hesitation in prospects hiring you or purchasing your products? Do you want to have leads pouring onto your site, signing up for your list and waiting in line for your next launch? You May be

Importance of Valuing Branding

Are You Undermining Your Business Success by Undervaluing Branding?

You’re on a mission to get your product or service out to the world, and in order to do that, it’s important that you understand and truly value branding. Creating a strong brand is one of the most essential steps in the process of building a successful, high-impact business. Branding shapes your customer’s perception and

Is Your Branding Effective?

Three Ways to Determine if Your Branding is Effective

Since relaunching our website and refocusing our business, we’ve seen an influx of new fans on Facebook. Everyday we get excited to check and see who’s “liked” us because we know we’re going to have the opportunity to connect with some pretty awesome people doing amazing things in the world. The reason we’re loving all

Three Steps to Branding

3 Steps You Need to Take RIGHT NOW to Build a Lasting and Effective Brand

Consider this your Branding 101 overview of the three important steps involved in creating a lasting, effective and successful brand. These are the first three things every entrepreneur needs to consider before moving forward with their business. Keep in mind that your brand is a representation of you and the heart of what you’re doing.

Branding Core Values

How to Define Your Core Values

No matter what your business, in order to establish a successful brand, it’s important that you start by defining your core values. Your core values are created by taking a truthful look at your product, service, customer experience, and breaking down the defining elements that make up your company. You can start this process by

Avatar Eco Trend


It’s terrific to see more eco-friendly messaging in mainstream entertainment! It helps when the entertainment is this outstanding as well. I recently checked this movie out (in 3-D), and I gotta say… WOW. The extra $3 for the extra dimension is money well spent. What really grabbed me, beyond the special effects, was the story and the lessons

Wedding Invitation Design

A Wedding Invitation to Match the Story

“We wanted to catch the sunrise, and collect sea shells along the shoreline….and I got the surprise of my life – but with NO hesitation in my response.” When Mike’s sister got engaged, her fiancee told the story best, “While she was intensely walking around searching for only the best shells, I interrupted her asking